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Sally from Coventry says....


"In an attempt to become fitter and healthier I joined Mudless Bootcamp, I hadn’t done Bootcamp training before and the instructors really knew their “stuff”.  This “stuff” was not just the physical exercise classes but the support and help with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle that quite often gets forgotten about…..diet, lifestyle and great ways to achieve targets of either losing weight, getting fitter or achieving goals that you didn’t even know you could meet J


My experience of being part of Mudless Bootcamp has changed my whole approach to training for the better, it too has a great social side with new friends being made and events being entered together as a team including The Wolf Run.


In addition the classes are fun, challenging and even take place indoors, Emma and Hannah are both great motivators, they push you but at the end of each class you feel energised and motivated to go back for more, three years later and the classes just get better... I can’t fault any of it, it’s 10 out 10!  I love it"


Mandy from Coventry says....


"I'd been a member of different gyms on and off for over 6 years, always trying to get a figure that diet alone couldn't achieve but got bored of exercise and classes and never managed to get anywhere with my body shape. I joined bootcamp in November 2015 and haven't looked back since. Hannah, Emma and the rest of the bootcampers are both supportive and encouraging, while being strict enough to make sure you work hard!

Workouts are changed every week and there are always different options dependant on your level or ability. Not only am I now lighter but i'm fitter and constantly improving my over all body strength. My greatest accomplishment? Learning I can do more than what my brain used to tell me i could do, having someone to encourage you to do more really does help you and you take away that to apply it anywhere else you train too!


Couldn't recommend this bootcamp enough!"


Steve from Coventry says....


"I'm a 40 something year old chap nd a regular bootcamper with Mudless. Is training addictive? Maybe. Have I made good friends there? Definately. But what keeps me going back is the brilliant way in which Hannah and Emma teach you, encourage you and provide an ever changing way in which to make you sweat! They're always happy to give good advice on just about everything and I now view them as the angelic balance to my shoulder devils! I can actually hear their voices in my head"


Siobhan from Coventry says...


"I’ve been a bootcamp addict for quite a few years.  Playing Gaelic football over the summer months I was looking for something to keep my fitness up over the winter period but I loved it so much that bootcamp has ended up being a permanent fixture in my life.   Emma and Hannah are great trainers, providing a full workout that varies week on week; they keep you on your toes at every session.  Although it is a group session they take time to ensure that individually you are improving and keep an eye on your technique. The other bootcampers are a great bunch, who support, encourage, motivate and even manage a laugh somewhere in between all of those burpees! 
I would highly recommend joining you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve....."


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